Naomi Campbell, Closing Ceremony at Vogue UK Olympics, 2012

Hey is that Naomi Campbell?

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sounds like some serious final boss music

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Sasha Luss at Philosophy F/W 2014

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Janis Ancens for Gucci Men’s Tailoring

I’m casually considering growing my hair out a little. I’m conflicted. Gotta say, though, seeing this on my Twitter feed tonight helped a bit. Still undecided, but we’ll see.

I want to write a good long post or essay someday about the politics of African male hair because there’s a lot to say. Maybe some of this can go into the Decolonizing Mormonism book? I still remember as a teenager wishing to have long shaggy hair like a lacrosse player. I looked into the option of growing out dreads, but I recoiled quickly when I learned what the process of growing dreads actually entails.

I felt a sense of loss and exclusion as I realized the textural differences between my hair and the hair of my peers. And since then I’ve always thought about my hair in a discourse of lack and inability. What would it be like to re-imagine my hair in terms of what I can do with it—rather than what I can’t do?

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